Fuck You

by sid the squirrel

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for all my angsty teens



released August 1, 2015

All writing, instruments, vocals, mixing etc.
done by sid the squirrel



all rights reserved


sid the squirrel Edmonton, Alberta

music constructed from the darkest depths of sid's subconscious

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Track Name: You Can Have Her
Losing reaction
Dulling waves
Skim the surface
Skim the surface

It’s been so long since
I’ve tasted it
Desperate, so desperate
For conclusions

Close my mind
Take my soul
It means nothing
It means nothing

Words like a
Hollow shell
Hollow shell
Hollow shell

Eludes itself
Pretends it’s
Something else

You can have her
You can have her
You can have her
You can have her

Not like I have a choice
Have a choice
Have a choice
Have a choice

She can have me
And I will have her
If only briefly
If only briefly

She can have me
And I will have her
If only briefly
If only briefly
Track Name: God
Here comes my man
Here liberation
Here it don’t seem too bad

Here he speaks to me
Here I close my eyes
And dream

Here I lose control
Here I fall apart
Don’t know who I am anymore

Here I close my eyes
Here I touch the sky
And I lose my mind again

Here the tears flow down
But I don’t feel
I lose myself in my own memories

And I’m all alone
And I feel so cold
Oh help me Lord
I want to die
I remember nothing of you
Every time I open my eyes
You’re still not here with me
Track Name: Late Night Smoke Break
Each new time he dies, he feels more pain.
Track Name: Feel My Wrath
You change your mind on a dime
Regret all those dirty times
Oh, but it felt so good it hurt
Standing on you in the dirt

Am I doing it wrong?
Should I change myself?
Do you want it from the back?
Or should I make you feel my wrath?

You say it’s love then it is not
Ignore all the things you lost
Oh, but if I could tell you babe
Loving you with so much hate

You want another man well I’ll
Change into the man for you
Oh, but I’m sick of your pain
Loathing to make it rain for you
Track Name: Song For Her
She’s a dream
She’s a scene
She’s a feeling I once had

And she struts
And she fucks
She’s insufferably bad

I’m a man
Not a man
Just a concept she once had

And I strut
I don’t fuck
I’m a loser I’m a sad

I don’t dream
I don’t feel
I’m the opposite of real

All my life
I’m alone
Until she became my home

Now I strut
I don’t feel
And I ponder on the wheel

She became
All I was
Now she’s nothing but a bug

I don’t cry
I don’t try
How she made me close my eyes

How the wheel
Spins around
And I lose myself until

She returns
To my scenes
Now I know that I believe

She’s my dream
She’s my queen
I’m a peasant at her feet
Track Name: Black & Grey
Good things are coming your way
I know you see the world in black & grey
I know you never know just what to say

Good things are coming your way
Just know that there exists a better place
Just know that someday, I'll take you away

But it's so easy to hate
When you're in that place
It takes some courage to wait

Just be here with me
But I can't set you free
Is it choice or is it fate?
A little of both my dear.
Track Name: Break The Chain
Save me baby
Make me feel
Love me darling
I'm not real

My elation
Feels so hollow
See no light
No tomorrow

Same same same
It's all the same
I'm so desperate
Break the chain

I feel insane

Hold me tightly
Do not cringe
I am only

My depression
Feels so right
I'm the darkness
I own the night

I'm so desperate to escape

I am so alone
I am so alone
There is only one thing
To do