Love Fetish

by sid the squirrel

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For all you romantics.



released May 31, 2016

all writing, instruments, vocals, mixing, etc.
done by sid the squirrel



all rights reserved


sid the squirrel Edmonton, Alberta

music constructed from the darkest depths of sid's subconscious

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Track Name: All My Love
Don't touch me
I know your games
Don't touch me
You'll be my slave

I'm a wretch
Call me jaded
Feel my wrath
We'll both be naked

You're a fuck
I have no limits
I only love you
Until I'm finished

I wanna kill you
Wrap my hands around your neck
You think you'll see a light
But you won't

I'm gonna drill you
Let despair surround your heart
You think this is a game
But it's not

I don't see you
You don't matter
And I'll feel better
When you're dead

Cus I'm murderous
And I'll do it with a smile
You make me murderous
Now shut up and close your eyes
Track Name: Liquid
See the world is making me sad
And it seems like everything's just bad
I've a cloud that hangs around my head
And I don't get no sleep baby

I will show you who I am
You'll decide just if you like it
I don't care about you babe
I just wanna get to fucking
Track Name: Lucid Lucy
She said
"I'm gonna show you worlds
Beyond your words"
I said
"I don't mind
As long as I'm in control"

And she said fine
But she was lying

And I
Fell six times out the backpack
Of my mind
And she
Held me tight and said
"You're doing just fine"

But she was lying

And I
Desperately tried to
Find my own way
And she
Held me close
And she wouldn't let me stray

And I loved her
But I felt like dying
Track Name: Saigon
I'm so high these days
Don't know where to turn
She comes round to drag me down
She comes round to drag me down

I don't know what I am
I don't know who she is
She just drags me down
She just drags me down

Tighten your grip on my leash
Just don't be too nice to me
Be cruel
Be cruel

When I see her she makes me weak
She turns me on, then turns me off
She's cruel
She's cruel

I don't know why I am this way
I just want her to torture me
Be cruel
Be cruel
Track Name: High Ego Romance
i don't mind
you're kind of nice
the way you move
it soothes my eyes
and i'm inclined
to make you mine
but i'm in lust
so take your time

and we'll be
so much better
if we
take ourselves together
we can be
so much more than
all these
mindless homosapiens
Track Name: Petrified & Masturbating
when the night gets cold
and the days grow long
there will be a girl
she will come to me

everything i am
everything i was
everything i'll be
she will take from me
when i give to her

i am so tired
of this lifetime
i am so scared
of being nothing
but when i close my eyes
i see nothing
Track Name: Smoke & Die
You're feeling lust
I want none of you
And that's why you want me

I'll make you feel small
Babe it's cus you are
And I don't need to speak

Let me cut you in
You will never get me
But I own you
And I know you

Your petty games
Are making me sick
Wanting so much
But never enough

I don't owe you anything
We don't need to fight
We could both be lovers
But we're all wound up tight

Bow down
When I say
You feel you have to

Got an inside joke
You'll never laugh at
You can't help but scream

All I'll do
Is smoke and die
Watch as you cry


I beg you to touch me
Track Name: Lucid Dreaming
Take me on